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Bringing the power of nature to human body.


Mission fitness took birth with a goal to bring back our great ancient knowledge and wisdom, which our human race kept loosing over the period of time. Our mission is to explore the human potential and redefine its limits. We are committed to innovation and research, while developing pathways to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts in achieving their true highest potential. 
Mission fitness is running on a few grounded principles of innovating highly effective formulas and making high quality products for our customers that constantly help them in reaching their goals safely.
All ingredients used in our products are of highest quality grade and research based. We tirelessly research and invest our time and money in making each of our product super effective.
We are focused on delivering great results.
Quality, innovation, consistency and reliability are our main pillars.
We are in it to make you achieve more than just muscles.

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Health and fitness, both these terms, are often overlapped and used together. Yash Birla explains simply that being healthy and fit means taking good care of your body. A healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. To reach great heights in life, good health of both body and mind is essential. 

Yash Birla is not just a business icon but also one of the most popular fitness icons in India. He has been an active part of the fitness industry for around two decades. He loves to share the knowledge which he has garnered over the years. 

“The key to a healthy diet is to eat the appropriate number of calories for your level of activity and to balance the energy you use with the energy you exert,” asserts Yash Birla. He says, “Please motivate yourself to follow some passion of yours that links body, mind and spirit. I’m not saying go to the gym, you can do your exercises at home, and you can do yoga too which is great. But you will realise the benefits of any of these only when it’s gotten into your whole system. The benefits are way beyond what we can even perceive.”

Through Mission Fitness, he takes an initiative to build a brand to help all athletes, fitness enthusiasts, general people and body builders to achieve their best body form with the help of potent natural extracts for different body goals.