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More testosterone means more muscles!
Key Features
  • Increases natural testosterone production
  • Promotes lean, dry and dense look.
  • Enhances skeletal muscle development.
  • Creates anti-catabolic environment.
  • Promotes nutrient partioning.
  • 100 percent natural formula.
None of our products contain any banned ingredients. All our products are licensed and approved by Food safety and standards authority of India (Fssai) and are strictly dosed in accordance to WHO guidelines.
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What is Test magic and what does it do?
Test Magic is a natural testosterone enhancer, vasodilation increaser and muscle density promoter. In other words, you can get lean, dense, strong and gain hard muscles while taking Test Magic.
The key ingredients in Test Magic are Symplocos Racemosa and nelumbo nucifera extracts. Each of these plants contain phosphodiesterase inhibiting compounds shown to increase cAMP and cGMP levels in skeletal muscle, producing a strong anabolic effect which allows you to maintain a very positive protein balance. Higher levels of cAMP in fat cells signals lipolysis (fat burning) to occur. Which means providing you the potential to build muscles and burn fat simultaneously.
So you can achieve fuller, thicker looking muscles while leaning out. It’s hard to find another supplement that is able to achieve these goals. Key ingredients of Test Magic have been shown to increase serum LH and testosterone levels in clinical trails by approximately 60% above baseline levels after only 3 weeks of use.
If you’re an all natural but seriously dedicated bodybuilder or athlete, then you should give a try to Test Magic for some of the most potent natural gains you’ve ever experienced. For a truly crazy combo, stack it with Burn my fat.
Harder you train, better the results. Pick up some Test Magic today and take your training and performance to the peak level.


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Demo Test Magic (Copy)

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